Japanese Language Class

People (aged 16 or over) from more than 40 countries enjoy learning together. Group lessons by level, from complete beginner to intermediate. Three courses : (1) Morning Course (Tue. & Thu.), (2) Sat. Course and (3) Evening Course (Tue.). Three terms a year beginning in Jan., Apr. and Sept. Participants are welcome to join various events organized by the association.


Meguro UNESCO Concert

- Message of Peace and Culture for the Next Generation -

A charity concert is held every year at Meguro Persimmon Hall. Proceeds are donated to the World Terakoya Movement, the Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction assistance, and others.


International Exchange Forum

This forum aims to communicate with people from many countries by introducing Japanese traditional culture such as Sumo, Kabuki, Noh, Kyogen or learning Japanese handicrafts like Origami, Furoshiki, Washi or Bonsai.


Art Classes

Short courses (five classes) provide a wide array of artistic experiences. You can create very individualistic pieces of work under professional guidance.


UNESCO Lecture Series

Lectures are held several times a year commissioned by Meguro City as "A learning opportunity to deepen the understanding of the UNESCO cause and international issues".


UNESCO Art Exhibition

Both professional and amateur members' works, ranging from painting to formative art, are exhibited. In that space, you will actually feel that art is a universal language.


Youth Activities

A short-stay intercultural exchange camp where young members from around the world gather to share experiences and make new friends. This event includes workshops and activities such as fireworks and camping.


Support Activities

Heartfelt support for recovery and development

  • International exchange bazaar
  • Collection of miswritten postcards
  • Support for the international literacy education programme called the World Terakoya movement, support for thepreservation of the UNESCO World Heritage, etc.
  • International support activities for natural disasters and their casualties
  • Support activities for recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake
  • Activities for the preservation of the environment
  • Support for education in developing countries, including scholarships in Thailand



[Phone] 03-5725-6150
  2-24-3, Gohongi, Meguro-ku,Tokyo
[ Email]meguro@unesco.or.jp